Based on a decade-long cooperation with Tianjin University, the company established the Tianjin University-Kemai Chemical New Material Joint Research Center in 2011. The Center has an Advisory Committee and a Technical Committee.  
Members of the Technical Committee include general managers, technical vice-presidents and financial controllers at decision-making level. They are responsible for formulating the Center’s development plan, reviewing scientific research funds, and introduction of senior talents.
The Expert Advisory Committee is responsible for scientific research and development, overall planning, goal implementation and research direction of the Center, as well as responsible for consulting and supervision.


Under this platform,
the company has been certified by the Key Laboratory of Green Additive in Tianjin and the Enterprise Technology Center in Tianjin, and its physical and chemical testing laboratory has passed CNAS.

The International Independent Brand
Mainly Cultivated in Tianjin
The identification of Tianjin
Enterprise Technology Center
Chemical Physical Testing Laboratory
passed the CNAS assessment

Over the years, the company’s R&D platform has undertaken 2 national-level projects and 4 provincial and ministerial-level science and technology projects. It has also applied for 189 patents and has received authorization for 30 projects. Furthermore, it has drafted 9 national standards, and has won 4 Municipal Improvement Awards of Science and Technology and 2 Improvement Awards of Technology in New Area. It has successfully developed several leading core technologies in China and overseas, enhancing the company's core competitiveness.
The Center covers an area of 1,500 square meters, which includes offices, labs, pilot production lines, training and academic exchange rooms, and there is a 500-square-meter middle-stage test area. Focused on self-development, the Center actively cooperates with renowned research institutes and universities in China.

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